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We are usually contacted immediately after the death of a loved one. In many cases, however, it is a good idea to do this earlier. For example, when you are alive and well, to map out your own funeral wishes. Our wish booklet can help you with that. It will give you peace of mind and the next of kin something to hold on to when the time comes.

Even if death occurs at short notice, for example due to illness or euthanasia, it is worthwhile contacting us sooner. We will be happy to come to you so together we can take the first steps towards a fitting farewell.


In life and death




After a death, first of all a doctor must be called in to establish the death. On the basis of his statements, all legal formalities have to be arranged.

If the death occurs at home, you must call the family doctor yourself. In the event of a death in a hospital or care institution, the care team will make the necessary arrangements.

In case of death abroad, the emergency centre of your travel insurance provider should be contacted as soon as possible.


Immediately after death




Before calling us, please take some time to reflect on the death together.

Then contact us.

We are available day and night, even on weekends. No matter when you call, you will always be personally addressed by one of our staff.

Regardless of where you are insured, you can always call on us.

We are ready to help you.


020 647 12 12




Our first concern is for the deceased. If someone dies at home, we arrange the initial care in consultation with the next of kin. The deceased can be cared for and laid out at home or transferred to one of our funeral centres. Thanatopraxi (a form of light embalming) is also an option.

When death occurs in a hospital or care institution, the initial care of the deceased usually takes place there.

At such an emotional time - immediately after the death of your loved one - do not make any hasty decisions, but contact us at your leisure afterwards.


Of your loved one




Once the initial care of your loved one has been arranged, we will be happy to sit down with you to discuss your funeral wishes. Your personal funeral director will then come to you to assist you and plan the farewell together.

During this introductory meeting, you tell us about the deceased. We take into account all those involved and try to immerse ourselves in his or her life. In this way, our funeral director ensures a good translation and implementation of the funeral wishes.

In this way, the farewell will be entirely in accordance with the needs of you, the deceased and the next of kin.


With your personal funeral director




The costs of the farewell vary depending on the scope of the farewell and the wishes you have indicated. In order to provide good insight and make adjustments together with the funeral director, you will receive a clear, itemised overview of the costs.

A few weeks after the funeral, you will receive the final financial statement from us. This is based on the preliminary cost statement you received in advance.

We also arrange the paying out of any funeral insurance policies. These payments will be settled against the actual costs.


Transparent about costs




On the basis of the death certificates issued by the doctor after the death, we take care of the declaration of death in the municipality where the death took place.

The municipality where you live will then also be informed automatically. No later than the day of the funeral, you will receive the death certificate and a number of copies from us.

You need the death certificate to inform all kinds of institutions (notary, bank, insurance companies, etc.) about the death. There is no rush and this can be done in peace and quiet after the funeral.


By us at the municipality




As soon as the day and location of the farewell have been determined, it is time to inform other family members, friends and acquaintances about the death and the day of the funeral. This is usually done by means of a letter of condolence sent by regular mail. It is also possible to send a digital announcement.

We can take care of all your funeral printing. Naturally, you will receive a proof from us for approval beforehand. If you wish, we can prepare the dispatch and deliver the mourning mail to the post office.

Based on the letter of condolence, a text can be prepared for publication in the newspaper. We also coordinate the placing of obituaries in daily and weekly newspapers.


Obituaries and advertisements




In the run-up to the day of the funeral, everything is about making sure the approaching farewell goes as planned.

What is going to happen and where?
Who will speak and what music is appropriate for the farewell? Is it also desirable to drive past a certain place together, for example the home or birthplace, the canteen of the sports club or another place of importance?

We make a plan for the farewell based on all your wishes.


A clear overview




The day of the funeral. Everything has been prepared in detail and now it is time to say goodbye. The moment of looking back on the life of the loved one and sharing stories and precious memories with each other.

Often the farewell takes place over one day. It is also possible that the evening before the funeral or cremation, there will be a private moment for you and your loved ones to say goodbye.

Your personal funeral director is your master of ceremonies on the day and can, if you wish, lead the farewell ceremony for you. Other members of our team are there to receive and welcome all invitees.

Together, we will ensure a special farewell.


Together we make it special




After the personal farewell, the mourning process begins. A good farewell is the first step. It is often a matter of time, of living through the four seasons, before there is room for further personal development. Time that those around you often do not take into account, but which is oh so important for you.

Apart from all the emotions, there are also business matters that require your attention. To help you with this, you will receive the 'Guide after death' with practical instructions. We can also put you in touch with professionals who can arrange the settlement of the estate for you.

Every tear you shed before or during the funeral...
is a tear you don't have to carry with you for the rest of your life.


Start of the mourning process

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