Bouwens provides a special farewell that fits in perfectly with your wishes: a reflection of the life of your loved one


Even if the funeral is small and private, the challenge is to make it beautiful and intimate. A farewell with close friends and family gathered around the coffin. Your favourite music in the background and sharing memories of a special time together. Before leaving for the cemetery, we close the coffin together, a moment never to be forgotten ...


The farewell can also take place in the tradition in which you have grown up. Going to church is part of your life and you are familiar with the pastor and the pastor with you. It feels good to have him or her preside over your farewell. And even if your contact with the church has perhaps faded in recent years, it is still nice to be able to fall back on old, familiar rituals at the vulnerable moment of saying goodbye. The stories from Scripture combined with the story of life are a source of strength to go on.


Your whole life you were in control, and that also applies to your farewell. In the prime of your life, there is the (unexpected) end. Everyone is sad and the dejection is great. There is a need for something to hold on to. The farewell is a reflection of the life of your loved one: photos and loving words give an image to the many, beautiful and precious memories. The special location provides a connection with what has been. The sun is shining, all white flowers. Afterwards, everyone goes home with a warm feeling.


You have served the public sector for many years, which is why your farewell will also have a public character. How do we distinguish between a farewell for the general community and a personal farewell for the (many) guests? How and when will the death be announced? The NOS is ready to report (live). Together, we will ensure that you still have your own farewell moment and that you do not have to worry about all the extra attention from outside. Even if the farewell is public, we will make it special for you.


On holiday abroad, everyone relaxes, and suddenly there is the end. There is a great deal of upset and where do you begin? What should we do? Who will arrange for you to return home? Or if you die in the Netherlands and would like to be buried in your native country? All the paperwork then distracts from what really matters, the connection with the person who has passed away. We are here for you...


For your farewell, you have few wishes, as long as it is neat and tidy. Above all, not too many bells and whistles. The simplest coffin is chosen and the budget is closely monitored. Why spend more than necessary? The small circle of guests is called to be present at the farewell. They take a few flowers with them and there is a short gathering in the auditorium of the crematorium with not too many speeches. A modest funeral can also be very beautiful.


If a person chooses to make his or her body available to medical science, this must be arranged in good time during life. At the moment of death, the hospital takes care of transport to the mortuary. However, a farewell ceremony may then take place. There may also be a need to send out letters of condolence or place an advertisement. We can arrange for the death certificate to be sent to the municipality on your behalf. After all, this is necessary for the settlement of the estate. No matter how modest our role at the time, you can always rely on us.

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